Destiny 2 Beta Size Is Pretty Light, Expect A Sizable Patch

Destiny 2 Beta keys are going out now to those who pre-ordered and were lucky enough to get their hands on a code.

The beta may not be for almost another week, but that hasn’t prevented fans from wanting to begin their downloads. Starting today, you can redeem your code on and login to choose the platform of choice. Right now the only choices are Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but a icon is visible for those who are waiting for the PC beta, which doesn’t start for another month.

Once you redeem the 9 digit code, a full fledged download code will be added to your Bungie account and you can redeem that on your platform of choice. Players will download the game which weighs in at around 15 GB at the moment. It is likely going to grow as the beta isn’t available and we believe there will be a pre-beta patch that will bring the size up a bit. It makes sense since the beta is set to have singleplayer, multiplayer and cooperative missions.

The Destiny 2 Beta is set to start on July 18th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on July 19th. PC players won’t be receiving a code until August, shortly before their beta start date.

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