Arrow’s New Black Canary Suits Up In Costume Reveal Ahead of Season 6

Arrow’s fifth season wrapped up with quite the cliffhanger as the lives of most of the cast were left in the balance as Oliver Queen finished facing off against his biggest enemy to date in Prometheus. There were some characters we pretty much knew would be returning in season six and one of them has been revealed through the unveiling of that character’s very own costume.

Fans were shocked when Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance, aka Black Canary, was killed off back in the fourth season, though she has now returned as the villainous Black Siren, who is a series regular in season six. As a replacement, Dinah Drake was introduced last season, played by Juliana Harkavy, who had her own signature canary cry.

While she took on the moniker later in the season, we never saw a true costume for Dinah as Black Canary, but now we have courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

As can be seen above, they have revealed Dinah’s costume that looks absolutely badass. The first Canary on the series in Sara Lance had a really cool costume, but Laurel’s left something to be desired. Dinah’s costume on the other hand is a lot more refined and distinctive in this debut picture, which we can’t wait to see in action when Arrow’s sixth season debuts in October.

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