Kingdom Hearts 3 Lets You Have Five Party Members

After many years of waiting, Square Enix finally revealed today that Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming in 2018 alongside the announcement of a Toy Story world. Those two announcements seem like enough already, but those who were paying close attention to the brand new trailer may have noticed something else about the number of party members.

During last month’s trailer that came just before E3, we noticed something very interesting. Rather than having to replace Donald or Goofy with the world’s helper character, in that case Hercules, it looked like you were able to have not only Donald and Goofy, but also the extra character all at the same time.

This choice in the past was likely due to system limitations, but it looks like Square Enix is taking it even further than just four party members. During the new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer that revealed Toy Story 3, you will notice that the Toy Story world gives you both Woody and Buzz as party members simultaneously alongside the existing party of Sora, Donald, and Goofy.

This can be seen during the battle segment of the trailer outside of Andy’s house. You may think that at first it just has the HUD showing both, but perhaps you can only be using one, but soon after you can see that the entire party of Donald, Goofy, Woody, and Buzz are fighting alongside Sora at once, which is really neat.

With this information, you have to wonder what other potential worlds could utilize this upgrade to the party system in Kingdom Hearts 3. Hopefully they’ll give us further reveals in the near future, but we at least know we’ll be finding out for sure in 2018.

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