Absolver Kicks In New Character Creation And Customization Video

Sloclap and Devolver Digital have released a brand new video showcasing Absolver and players ability to create their own character and customize said character.

Character creation plays a deciding factor in Absolver, as well as the clothes your character wears. The video explains why this all matters and how it affects the gameplay.

Players are put into the role of a prospect, who takes the vow to serve the Absolvers, an elite group of individuals to maintain balance in the world. As they wander the world they will encounter other prospects and battle to become an Absolver while earning better equipment to further their legacy. Players will be given the choice of playing PVE or PVP in the large world of Absolver. Check out the customization video below to learn the basics.

Absolver is set to release on August 29th for PlayStation 4 and PC. Fans can pre-order the game on the official website for 10% discount on the base game as well as a special edition featuring an Absolver mask.

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