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Destiny 2 On PC Includes In-Game FPS Counter, Frame Rate Cap Adjusted Through Config File

Bungie came under fire last week when they revealed that Destiny 2 on PC would not allow third-party monitoring programs to be used alongside the game. This was said to be a precaution in order to limit the game’s exposure to possible malicious actions. Needless to say, the PC community wasn’t all too happy to hear this.

Now, the developer has come forth with a bit of good news on the matter. As it turns out, the PC version of Destiny 2 will sport an in-game FPS counter, allowing players to tweak settings as they try to achieve their targeted frame rate. Since the game isn’t going to be too friendly with program overlays, this comes as a relief.

The frame rate cap can also be changed, although this method is a little less straightforward. That being said, it is not unfamiliar territory for PC gamers. Bungie took to their blog to give an official update on the subject.

Will Destiny 2 on PC include a frame rate target option?
Yes, Destiny 2 on PC will include the ability to specify a frame rate upper-limit (via a config file).
We’ve known that Destiny 2 could achieve 144FPS, but until now we didn’t know that it wouldn’t be an option found within the game’s menus. Editing .ini files is nothing new, but it is still a bit disappointing that this is how the developer is tackling the option for frame rate.

Everyone will be able to dive in to theĀ Destiny 2 PC beta soon enough and assess these options for themselves when it goes live on August 29th. In the meantime, arm yourself with knowledge by viewing our coverage from the console beta. Check out the Homecoming story mission, the Inverted Spire Strike Mission, and our overall impressions of the game.

We here at GCP will be reporting back soon on the state of Destiny 2 as we dive into its PC counterpart.

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