Redeemer – Arena Mode Gameplay

Redeemer is an enjoyable third-person top down beat-em-up of vengeance and blood soaked retribution.

We spent some time with Redeemer and went full bore into the Arena mode, which is the equivalent of a horde mode and lasts ten increasingly difficult waves. Sure, we managed to die, but at least we tried. There are three arena maps to conquer in Redeemer. This is the first of those, dubbed ‘Spring Cleaning’, which takes place within the monastery. What sets this mode apart from the main game, besides the waves, is that you aren’t playing as the main character Vasily. Instead, you are playing as some other random monk who is trying to stay alive in the monastery. ┬áCheck it out for yourselves below.

Redeemer is available now on PC. Check out our gameplay of the First Moments of Redeemer and stay tuned for more coverage.

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