Horizon Zero Dawn Funko POP Figures Announced

Horizon Zero Dawn released earlier this year exclusively for the PS4 as Guerrilla Games’ latest game. The game was very well received and undoubtedly will be in many Game of the Year conversations in a few months. For those looking to add some neat Horizon Zero Dawn themed merchandise to their collection, Funko has got you covered.

Via their official blog, Funko has officially announced that a series of POP vinyl figures based on Horizon Zero Dawn will be coming this Fall.

Coming in this line of POPs will be five figures, with one of them being a store exclusive. The four that will be available most everywhere are Aloy, the Vanguard of the Oseram tribe Erend, a member of the Eclipse Cultist, and a Watcher.

In addition, Best Buy will exclusively be getting a variant of the Watcher that has a yellow glow rather than the blue. Funko provided some images of these, but they are said not to be final yet.

No specific release date was given for these Horizon Zero Dawn POP figures, but it does say they will be coming in October. Hopefully if these sell well enough, we will see additional figures come after as well. If you want any chance of that though, make sure to pick these up to show there is great interest in Horizon Zero Dawn POPs.

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