Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’s Co-Op Mode Looks Like A Blast

There have been way too many Mario games to count over the years and the franchise has spanned numerous genres. We’ve already seen Mario take part in platformers, party games, RPGs, and more, but now he is trying out the tactical RPG genre with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, which looks like it’s going to have a very fun co-op mode.

In a series of videos posted by the official Ubisoft US YouTube account, Ubisoft has been showing off some of the different areas in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle through the co-op missions. Co-op in this game is separate from the main campaign, where two players can play together while each controlling two characters.

The first of the areas shown off in the videos is the Spooky Trails area, which has its fair share of secrets that a number of the members of the dev team discuss.

The next video is with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Creative Director Davide Soliani and Lead Producer Xavier Manzanares as they play through and go over the unique abilities, weapons, and tactics for multiple characters in the game.

Lastly, the final video is more of a traditional playthrough as Achievement Hunter and the Let’s Play Crew play through 30 minutes of the game as part of their Let’s Play Presents series on the Ubisoft channel. This does the best job at just letting you actually watch a good bit of solid gameplay consecutive, while the previous videos are more details oriented.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle release for the Nintendo Switch on August 29.

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