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Destiny 2 Pre-Loading Coming First To Xbox One Consoles

Destiny 2 is still a few weeks away (20 days to be exact) and fans are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the game after the beta that barely wet everyone’s appetite. Now comes word that Destiny 2 pre-loading will start as early as next week.

Sure, PC fans haven’t even gotten the beta yet, but it looks like the pre-loading on consoles will begin next week. Oddly enough, even though PlayStation holds an exclusivity deal on content the game will be available to pre-load first on Xbox One. PlayStation 4 pre-load will follow suit on August 31st.

This comes as a bit of a surprise, but come September 6th at midnight, fans across the globe will be able to enjoy it on consoles. As far as PC pre-load is concerned, Bungie simply said “We’ll let you know when pre-load is live.” It is a big discerning, but the beta has barely begun for PC so it makes sense.

Destiny 2 is set to release on September 6th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC will come a bit later on October 24th.

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  1. Pre Loads are not apart of deals, and it has alot to do with the service, or other technical things with the specific build. Regardless of when a pre load appears, it does not mean X1 players can play first, so the pre load date news …. isnt really news, and its reaching.

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