Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Steelbook Edition Is Like Russian Roulette

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT may have just received a release date, a season pass and several collector’s editions, but the most interesting choice is that the Steelbook Edition is more a matter of luck, to encourage die-hard fans to purchase multiple copies, than it is a treat for fans.

Steelbook Editions are meant to be an interesting addition to a gamers collection, but instead it seems Square-Enix is opting to make more of a monetary battle of luck by having the said Steelbook included be one of three different ones available.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

On the upside the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Collector’s Edition is much better, with a unique steelbook and a bust, on top of the season pass. It may run a little pricey but it feels like the best overall deal for fans of the upcoming fighter. Not to mention a collector’s box, art book and soundtrack.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is set to release on January 30th exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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