SNES Classic Edition Is Now Apparently Available For Pre-Order At Amazon

Many thought the NES Classic last year might just be a stopgap option for the holiday season ahead of the Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo is going all in with the SNES Classic this year. Adding even the unreleased Star Fox 2, this system is going to be highly sought after. With the system sold out at least on Best Buy already, people have been waiting for Amazon and the time appears to now be here.

As of right now, the SNES Classic Edition is available for pre-order on Amazon’s website via a listing that is called Nintendo Digital Downloads/Game Trust Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition. This seems weird, but Wario64 did point out that special Red Joy-Cons were listed as Gametrust the other day too. With the fact Amazon doesn’t charge until it ships and it being fulfilled by Amazon directly, you might as well try.

There is absolutely no telling how quickly this will sell out, but based on the past, I would get my order in right now if you want one.

The system is retailing for $79.99 as we knew before and comes with 21 classic games for the Super Nintendo, including favorites like Super Mario World, Super Metroid, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and many more.

Continue to stay tuned over the next month to Geek Culture Podcast as we’ll try to keep you updated on the SNES Classic and pre-orders going up and down. If you aren’t able to grab a pre-order before it’s official release date, make sure to try and grab one in stores when it releases in the US on September 29.

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