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The Geek Culture Podcast is a group of friends that get together and talk about the geeky and nerdy things we all love. Gaming, TV, Movies, Toys, Comics, and general pop-culture.

Editor In Chief/PR Coordinator : Anthony DeCicco
I live in Reno and I enjoy all of my consoles and PC gaming equally. I may have a favorite, but I try not to show it too much. I have eight years experience as a gaming journalist and have written for several sites in the past and am looking to the future. Other than that you will find me on social media chatting it up @ShadyDevil99 for Twitter.

Podcast Editor :  Tom DeCicco
I’m gradated from The College of Saint Rose back in 2009 with a BS in Music Industry. In college, I played drums in a pop-punk band called One Over Chaplin with our very own Geek Cult Member, CJ Morrison…he sang. Besides being a complete tech nerd, I’m a social media whore. If there’s an account for a social media app, I have it. Just search “TomOverChaplin” and you’ll find my twitter @TomOverChaplin. I’m also a huge gamer!

Lead Content Editor :  Dean James
I have been a gamer ever since I first got my Super Nintendo with Super Mario World. Ever since, gaming has been one of my biggest passions and I have been privileged to be able to write about it for a number of years now across a few different websites through news, editorials, and reviews. If you want to see me discuss a variety of topics including gaming, movies, TV, and sports, you find me on Twitter at @DJamesSC.
P.S. I may have a bit of an amiibo addiction…

Associate Editor: Josh Garibay
I exist.

Video Content Director: Gen Hobbs
Lives in Reno and enjoys streaming on Twitch and playing World Of Warcraft and Overwatch. Huge Blizzard fan. You can catch her on her Twitch at FoxyRoxyGen.

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