Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour Review

Serious Sam is venturing into new yet old-school territory in this latest outing, Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour. Sam “Serious” Stone is a man whose twin-pistol talents have taken him across a wide array of genres, ranging from his FPS main[……]

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Everspace Review

Everspace has spent just shy of a year drifting through the Early Access sector and now it is warping into full release. This space-sim rogue-like from Rockfish games manages to stand out in a market that houses big-hitters, such as Elite:[……]

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The Surge Review

Deck 13 has come to be known as the From Software of the west. Rightfully so, seeing as their previous title Lords Of The Fallen, was very similar in many ways to the Dark Souls franchise. The Surge, has built upon[……]

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Walking Dead NF

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Season 3 Review

Telltale Games has returned to The Walking Dead — a series one might attribute to the beginning of the developer’s ongoing success — to bring us another emotionally-exhausting and nerve-racking entry in their signature episodic format. The Walking Dead: A[……]

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STRAFE is the by-product of two different gaming eras coming together as one. Blend modern-day rogue-likes with the visual design of emerging first-person shooters in the 90’s and the resulting concoction would be that of Pixel Titans’ latest offering. This love[……]

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NBA Playgrounds

NBA Playgrounds Review

What makes a good licensed NBA street court basketball game? A wide selection of players, courts,or modes? Or maybe we judge the quality based on smooth controls or realism. For me, NBA Playgrounds manages to hit the sweet spot, fun factor.[……]

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