Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World On Nintendo Switch Would Be Very Difficult Says Capcom President

Monster Hunter World just released at the very end of January to near universe praise and what sounds like very successful sales numbers. For now, the game is exclusive to[……]

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Wulverblade Review

The gorgeous indie title from last year’s Nintendo Switch line-up, Wulverblade, has now brought its beat ’em up glory to other platforms. The side-scrolling hack ‘n slash prominently wears its[……]

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Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition

First Character Trailer For Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition Is Now Here

While it may not have lived up to the hype people had, the January Mini Direct still gave us some quality reveals. One of those was the announcement of Hyrule[……]

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Metroid Prime 4

Rumor: Bandai Namco Is Developing Metroid Prime 4 & Unannounced Nintendo Switch Exclusive Ridge Racer 8

Nintendo brought out the big guns during their E3 2017 video presentation as they revealed the existence of the in development Metroid Prime 4. Now many months later, we still[……]

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Crash Bandicoot

Activision Has Five Year Plan For Crash Bandicoot Says UK Licensing Source Book

It was beginning to feel like the Crash Bandicoot series might be dead before its recent revival that started in Skylanders and then extended to the incredibly successful Crash Bandicoot[……]

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Rumor: David Wise Is Recording Something New For Nintendo

David Wise has long been one of the most iconic music composers in gaming, with the Donkey Kong Country series of games being his most well known work. Coming off[……]

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First Moments: InnerSpace

There are many games that offer very unique art styles that you don’t see too often and InnerSpace is definitely one of those games. InnerSpace  just released and while we[……]

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Nintendo Switch

Power Shell Case For Nintendo Switch Has Now Been Released By Nyko

The Nintendo Switch is set to celebrate its one year anniversary in about six weeks. In that time since launch, many different accessories have released for the system and now[……]

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The World Ends With You: Final Remix Announced For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo threw everybody for a loop this week by dropping a short Nintendo Direct mini without any prior announcement, even though there was plenty of speculation and rumors beforehand. Kicking[……]

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Payday 2

Payday 2 Holds Up Nintendo Switch This February With Timed Exclusive Character

PayDay 2 has had a long line of content on PC and consoles free, and paid. A lot of heists and a lot of of cool masks. Now it is[……]

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