Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Absolution Multiplayer Preview Gameplay

Now that Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s third DLC, Absolution is set to release on other platforms soon, we decided to go look at the PlayStation 4 release and check out the maps in a video that shows us putting[……]

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Destiny 2 Beta

Destiny 2 Closed Beta – Inverted Spire Full Strike Video

The Destiny 2 Beta is in it’s infancy, but tomorrow we can expect a huge influx of new people and the brand new social space to accommodate everyone. Before all that happens, we decided to run through the Inverted Spire[……]

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Overwatch – Doomfist Hero Impressions

Doomfist is the latest Hero to join the ranks of Overwatch. He’s a highly anticipated addition that will have a few fans torn. He is primarily a tank class and ranked as a difficult hero to control/master. Doomfist is difficult[……]

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Destiny 2 Closed Beta Hands-On Preview Impressions

The first Destiny debuted just under three years ago and after a few major expansions, Bungie is finally moving forward by pressing the reset button with Destiny 2. The game still has a couple more months before release, but the[……]

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Splatoon 2 Cake vs. Ice Cream Splatfest Preview Impressions

Splatoon 2 is almost here, with it set to release this Friday for the Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo has been giving people plenty of chances to try it out prior to launch. We first got a Testfire a few months[……]

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Early In Our Overwatch Career, Soldier 76 Gets Rid Of Some Scrubs

Soldier 76 might be one of the easier characters to control, but one of the better ones to master on Overwatch. The veteran will have fans familiar with FPS titles like Call Of Duty, or Destiny right at home. However,[……]

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Overwatch Golden Loot Box

We Open An Overwatch Golden Loot Box In Honor Of Prime Day

In honor of Prime Day, we here at GCP decided to celebrate our own way. Not by spending copious amounts of money, but by receiving a free code from Twitch Prime for an Overwatch Golden Loot Box. One of Twitch[……]

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Humble Bundle Monthly Report: July 2017

We’re back for another Humble Bundle Monthly Report. Packed inside this detailed rundown of July’s Humble Bundle Monthly offering, you will find the lowest available price on the included titles as well as their Metacritic score. Hopefully this information will[……]

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Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Review

The Danganronpa series first debuted back in 2010 for the PlayStation Portable as a Japanese exclusive before finally releasing in the US on the PlayStation Vita in 2014. Alongside that came the release of the second game as well, but[……]

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The Best Part Of Ubisoft’s E3 Conference Came After The Show

Ubisoft took to the stage again this year, sans Aisha Tyler, to give us all a glimpse into their latest work. Everything began with¬†Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle,¬†which I can’t say is the foot I would have chosen to put[……]

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