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Destiny 2 To Run At 30 FPS On Xbox One X

Destiny 2 is set to be a major centerpiece for Activision this fall. However, it seems Bungie won’t be taking advantage of what is currently considered ‘the most powerful console on the market’, the Xbox One X.

During an interview with Geoff Keighley on Youtube Live @ E3, the director at Bungie, Luke Smith, went on record to say that Destiny 2 will in fact run at 30 FPS on the Xbox One X. This may come as a huge disappointment to many Xbox One fans and those who were planning to purchase the new console for a better looking Destiny 2 experience than its PS4 counterpart.

Check out the full interview below.

Destiny 2 is set to release on Xbox One, Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 on September 6th. It will release on for PC on October 24th.


    1. You’re seriously in need of a reality check if you think ps4 is better!!

      0 features
      0 exclusives
      Can’t do 4k let alone 30fps
      Has no real support
      Worst online service
      Doesn’t support freesync
      Every game released on ps4 has no 4k textures, antialiasing, lighting upgrades, no super sampling support for those still on 1080p screens
      The list is just too big!

      But I’m sure you’re getting the idea! Or you’re in denial like most ps4 owners!! I made the switched to Xbox after all the psn issues that still suck today 4yrs into a paid service!

      PS4 has like 4games coming this year 2 are dlc/addons and the others are indy lol

        1. Why would it have XB1 cross play? Jesus the Xbox One X IS A GOD DAMNED XBOX ONE….Its NOT a new console, its a mid gen upgrade exactly the same as the pro was. There is no parity clause, there is no evil Sony conspiracy its called Xbots are morons believed the hype about a mid gen upgrade and are now finding out that aside from a rez bump ALL the games will be tethered down by the original Xbox One hardware

          1. Over 100 games are getting x1x upgrades full 4k pc style graphics and superior fps I think you better think and know what you’re talking about before assuming x1x is just gonna be a half arsed effort like ps4pro!!

            Think again fella!!

    1. No the explanation is PVP, you can’t have a split player base on the same ecosystem where some play 30FPS and some 60FPS. Gives an advantage. I’m not sure why this has ever been an issue, was never going to be 60FPS.

      1. Right except on PC where 60FPS is a standard.

        If it was powerful enough, they should at least offer the option. And if it is indeed for PvP, then fine. Just do 4K60FPS singleplayer so that Original XBOX One owners aren’t in a disadvantage. But you know why. They wanna push 4K so hard, they will lower the frame rate once again on consoles. 30FPS for a shooter is just garbage.

        Oh and those thinking that it will have cross play between consoles and PC? I think it’ll be highly unlikely.

        Blizzard is launching it on PC and on their store. They said that crossplay for PC and consoles was impossible due to how their servers don’t work with Sony’s or Microsoft.

        1. Correction

          “They said that crossplay for PC and consoles was impossible due to how their servers don’t work with Sony’s or Microsoft.”

          I am talking about Blizzards own servers on PC vs the consoles servers. Not PC gaming in general.

  1. Get used to it. Ppl that thought they were getting a 4k 60 fps machine on a consistent basis were kidding themselves. Only games that require a fraction of the data will be able to utilize both 4k and 60 frames. Games like simple racing sims…Why do you think Forza was their console tester? It requires barely anything to run it.

  2. It is taking advantage of it. The One X is a 4k console, not a 60fps console. Just because Forza can do it, doesn’t mean every game can, especially multi plat.
    It’s old news that the problem is the cpu. Get over it. This is a mid gen refresh for higher resolution TVs. It’s not supposed to be leagues ahead in terms of cpu power.
    Plus, who knows if Bungie wanted to keep all the consoles at equal fps for the most fair pvp possible. Care so much about 60fps then get a high end pc.
    Either way, I’m sure you’ll get over it one day.

  3. its the devs choice i dont think any one on xbox one should buy that crap.its just a destiny expansion any way.with anthem coming its rip destiny 2.

  4. Well that “promise” didn’t live long to bring 4K 60FPS gaming.

    And no, it’s not that I care that much about graphics. Frame rate however is about gameplay first and it seems that in order to now achieve the promise of 4K, they will once again stagnate the frame rate. This is why I hate console games. Barely any run at 60FPS. It LITERALLY makes the game PLAY better.

    Why not an option at least? I would much rather play at everything max at 1440p 60 fps than 4K.

  5. Destiny 2 only being 30fps on x1x has nothing to do with the console it’s parity between all current consoles even on ps4pro but if Bungie wanted to push 60fps they easily could! But what people are forgetting D2 will look better then anything else except high end pcs worth over $2000

    Every other game will look and play better on x1x don’t justify the overall power of x1x just because bungie chose to dip fps on x1x to meet x1/x1s parity the same goes for ps4pro even though ps4pro actually can’t do 60fps at all!

    100+ games in true 4k and counting with better textures, lighting, aliasing, name it x1x will play it better by up to 50% with 0 screen tearing with freesync support!

    And honestly D2 looks like a piece of crap to other games it’s just a dlc in the eyes of many and let’s face it caba contentl should have been vanilla destiny along with all the vex content and the European DZ that was originally VD content..and that latest trailer looked like a well polished ps3/360 or x1/ps4 release title game!


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