NES Classic Edition Is No Longer Discontinued, More Units Coming in 2018

The SNES Classic is only a few weeks away from release right now and there are plenty of concerns about stock issues after the horrific pre-order situation a few weeks ago. Those who never got an NES Classic though have given up entirely after it was announced they were being discontinued, but Nintendo has now changed their mind.

Nintendo has announced that the NES Classic Edition will be getting more shipments at some point in summer 2018, which goes against their initial announcement earlier this year that they were not shipping additional units of the system after that point.

Perhaps Nintendo figured out a more efficient way of manufacturing the NES Classic, especially with the SNES Classic hopefully already done manufacturing at this point. Hopefully this bodes well for future stock and we don’t see the same situations we’ve seen in the past where the NES Classic is still impossible to find.

The fact the NES Classic is coming back also makes us feel better about the SNES Classic, which Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime just recently said to not overpay to a scalper as there will be plenty of stock. We still don’t know how much we believe that, but hopefully that is the case and we’ll actually see the both systems and the Nintendo Switch on shelves alongside each other next year.

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