Yakuza Kiwami Adds Free Street Pack 2 DLC In Patch Update 1.09

Yakuza Kiwami released for the PS4 in the US finally just under a month ago and we’ve seen weekly patches ever since to add free DLC that was previously announced. After three packs so far, known as the Fun Pack, Street Pack, and Fun Pack 2, the final free announced update for Yakuza Kiwami is here in patch update 1.09.

Across the three free DLC packs so far, we’ve gotten a variety of different items, each update coming with six. However, to wrap up the DLC for the game for now, the final pack known as the Street Pack 2 comes with seven.

Just like all of the other packs, the Street Pack 2 comes with a new outfit, though this time for Majima, known as the Snake Skin jacket. Also like the first Street Pack, we get four new Pocket Circuit items including, Godspeed Motor, Super Slim Tires, Godspeed Gears Plus, and New Bumper Plate. In addition, we also get a protection item, this time the Sacrifice Stone, which protects you against death once. The seventh item that also comes here is the Killer Bee, which is a new Pocket Circuit Car.

Update 1.09 for Yakuza Kiwami is now live on PS4, so make sure to update your game to the latest version if you do not have your PS4 set to automatically do so.

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