All Outfits In Super Mario Odyssey Can Be Unlocked In-Game Without Amiibo

One of the most anticipated games of the year is only a few weeks away, as Super Mario Odyssey is just about ready to take off for the Nintendo Switch. One of the big mechanics we’ve seen in the game is that of costumes, some of which we know can be unlocked by amiibo, but it sounds like that isn’t the only method of doing so.

Coming alongside the release of Super Mario Odyssey are three brand new amiibo that are wedding versions of Mario, Princess Peach, and Bowser, all of which are supposed to unlock the respective wedding costume and some sort of power-up. In addition, there are other existing amiibo that are supposed to unlock “exclusive costumes” in the game.

Many were really concerned that this meant that you would have to buy these new amiibo at launch along with certain past ones to be able to access these costumes in the game, but thankfully that will not be the case.

According to the official Super Mario Odyssey website, under the area where it discusses the exclusive costumes, it has a note that specifically states “All outfits can be unlocked in-game without amiibo.”

Just to make sure, IGN contacted Nintendo to make sure that included the wedding outfits as well, in which they responded that indeed they could be unlocked without the actual amiibo as well.

This is a very old school way of having many free unlockables in a game that you can work towards, which is great, though you can always get them right away with the amiibo as well for those that have them.

Super Mario Odyssey releases exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on October 27th.

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