Raiden V: Director’s Cut Is Now Out Today For PS4 & PC

Raiden V released back in 2016 in both Japan and then worldwide for the Xbox One as the next entry in the scrolling shooter series. The game was also announced as coming to PS4 and PC with the name Raiden V: Director’s Cut, and the game has finally arrived today.

Raiden V: Director’s Cut releases today for both PS4 and PC with both the content you had the original and new content, which was detailed in a press release about the game.

Two-player Couch Co-op: For the first time ever, join forces with a friend and defend Earth against the Cranassian invasion.
Story Mode: An all new story full of twists and turns! Featuring multiple endings, the story alters depending on the player’s performance.
New Missions: Enjoy two new missions, created exclusively for the Director’s Cut edition
New Ships: Choose from three unique ships, each with different strengths and weapons.
Branching Levels: Experiment with different routes through stages
Boss Missions: Defeat bosses under special conditions and compete in leaderboards

It definitely sounds like Raiden V: Director’s Cut is without question the best version of the game to choose from with these new features, so make sure to look for it either on PS4 or PC today.

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