Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4K and Full HD Remaster Coming to PC and PS4

Star Ocean: The Last Hope is bringing its seventh console generation origins into the modern age with an HD remaster. Originally released in 2009 on Xbox 360 (PlayStation 3 followed later), the fourth installment of the Star Ocean series released to mostly positive reviews to the delight of Square Enix.

Now the developer is readying a “4K and Full HD Remaster” of this title for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Moving up from its original 720p resolution, the PS4 will have access to full 1080p while PC and PS4 Pro are able to output at 4K. Changing video settings is nothing new to PC, but some of these options will be available on the PS4, such as motion blur and shadows.

This digital-only release is currently only slated for release in Japan, but an international release may follow in the same way the PS3 version came along after the Xbox 360 installment. While we don’t have any hard facts to fall on right now, this is a likely outcome.

Possibly the most notable part of this announcement is the fact that the HD remake of Star Ocean: The Last Hope will be the franchise’s first entry on PC. Should it succeed in this market, other entries such as the PS4’s Integrity and Faithlessness could continue the trend. One can hope, right?

Star Ocean: The Last Hope‘s 4K and Full HD Remaster will launch in Japan on November 28th.

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