NBA Live 18 Is Already Half Off At Multiple Retailers

The NBA Live franchise has had a rough go at it over the last decade or so as the NBA 2K series has dominated, leading to NBA Live taking off a number of different years. After skipping last year, we had higher hopes for NBA Live 18, but the sales must not have been too great as the game has already been discounted heavily.

NBA Live 18 released as a full priced $59.99, but they had a very odd deal before the release of the game where if you pre-ordered it, the cost would be $20 off for only $39.99. This was already kind of a bad sign from the start, and now only a month or so later, you can get the game even cheaper.

For those that have an Xbox One, NBA Live 18 is discounted as part of the week’s weekly Deals With Gold, with it being only $29.99. This is rather crazy for a game that’s only a month old, with Madden 18 and NHL 18 only being 33% off in comparison.

Beyond the Xbox Games Store, NBA Live 18 is also on sale at Best Buy this week as well, with it being marked down to $29.99 as well. However, for those with Gamers Club Unlocked purchased at Best Buy that gives an additional 20% off, you can get the game for $23.99. That is even crazier for a game that recent, one we haven’t even gotten NPD sales rankings on yet.

From what we got to play of the demo, NBA Live 18 didn’t see like that bad of a game, and you don’t have to worry about all the microtransactions in the form of VC like in NBA 2K18, but NBA 2K18 is definitely going to be the top choice for the best overall NBA game this year.

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