Xbox One Finally Adds Game Gifting In Latest Xbox Insider Update

The Xbox One X is almost here at nearly the fourth anniversary of the Xbox One, of which we’ve had many updates since the launch of back in 2013. What used to be known as the Xbox One Preview Program was changed to the Insider program awhile back and now it has added a much requested feature.

Starting yesterday, those with the latest Insider update from Xbox One can now send games to people on Xbox Live as gifts. This is a feature that many platforms have implemented over the years, with Steam doing it for years and even the original Wii offering this feature.

This is a feature that has eluded modern platforms outside of PC however, with PS4, and both Switch and 3DS not having this feature. However, now you can do so on Xbox One as part of the Insider program, with the feature coming to everyone else at some point in the near future.

Gifting on Xbox One is really easy, as you simply go to the page for the game you want to gift on the Xbox Games Store. Select the “Buy as gift” option and then you can choose to either send it to a friend on your Xbox Live friend list or to an email, meaning it doesn’t have to be only to friends that you have their gamertag.

This is something that isn’t a major feature, but is definitely something that people will find some good use with, especially with the holidays coming up soon.

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