IO Interactive Gains Rights to Freedom Fighters, But Loses Kane & Lynch

IO Interactive, well-known for their extensive work on the Hitman series, recently split away from Square Enix and became independent. When this news first hit, we learned that the renowned developer was able to maintain the rights to their beloved franchise. Now, following an interview with GamesIndustry, that other IPs were involved in the split, some of which followed IO to their new indie home.

In addition to retaining Hitman, IO kept ownership of Freedom Fighters, a 2003 third-person shooter that appeared on sixth gen consoles and received high praise. Despite its 80% and up rating across all four platforms on Metacritic, the old-school gem never saw another installment after the team moved on to work on Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.

The 2007 cooperative, gritty shooter that (presumably) stood in the way of a proper Freedom Fighters follow-up is no longer blocking its path. As it turns out, the Kane & Lynch IP stayed with Square Enix following the separation from IO. So did Mini Ninjas, if anyone cares.

With IO doubling down on their AAA digital offerings, it’s hard not to wonder if they will resurrect Freedom Fighters nowadays instead of letting the property continue to collect dust. While the developer has reaffirmed its current focus on Agent 47, it could be territory worth exploring after the inevitable Hitman Season 2. Only time will tell.

Would you be interested in seeing this classic video game finally have its sequel brought to life?


  1. Now THIS… is actually some really good news. The first one was a very good game, especially for PS2’s limited capabilities it STILL managed to actually make me engaged in the conflict.

    I can’t really express how much balls IO gains from splitting away from SE. Now if only all devs could do that and don’t risk going under immidieately after one moderately good project… Goddamn industry.

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