New Xbox One Avatars Have Likely Been Delayed Till 2018

The Nintendo Miis really started the whole idea of individual avatars for players, which Microsoft tried their own spin at with the Xbox 360 avatars back in 2008. The avatars haven’t been quite as front and center on the Xbox One, but they are hoping to see them make a big comeback, though now it appears the previously announced new avatars have been delayed.

Back at E3 earlier this year, Microsoft announced the brand new Xbox avatars that looks much better than those in the past, definitely offering more detailed designs with them. It almost seems like they are going for a more Pixar-esque look with them.

The new Xbox avatars were originally said to be coming sometime by the end of 2017, but it looks like they have possibly been delayed.

A fan on Twitter asked Corporate Vice President of Xbox & Windows Gaming Mike Ybarra about these avatars and whether they were still on track for this year, in which he responded by saying.

“Most likely early next year. Working to make them great. Patience will pay off.”

This news isn’t all that big of a shock, as we only have a little over a month and a half left in 2017 and they have their sights on other things right now, like the recent launch of the Xbox One X. If it was going to come this year, it would have made more sense to have them launch alongside that new system, so the delay sounds just about right. Maybe Microsoft will surprise us though and deliver them sooner than we think.

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