Xbox One Game Gifting Is Now Live For Everybody

Digital game gifting is a feature you would think all online game stores would have by now, but they are still very few and far between. We reported recently that the feature had finally been added in the latest Xbox One Insider update and now it is live for everybody.

Steam has had the features for a long time and even the Nintendo Wii did, but other consoles since have skipped this feature. However, Xbox One is finally throwing their hat in that ring just ahead of Black Friday and the Christmas season.

While this feature was previous exclusive to Xbox One Insiders, everyone not has access to game gifting, which is very easily to do. Simply go to the Store on your Xbox One and find the game that you want to gift to somebody.

At that point, you should see an additional option next to the usual purchase or install buttons, which says “Buy as Gift.”¬†Once you select that, you will have two additional options to choose from. You can either send a game as a gift to a friend on your friend list directly or send it to an email, in which the code will be delivered to that person and they can input the code manually.

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