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Bandai Namco Trademarks ‘Quartet Knights’ In Europe

A recent trademark filing in Europe has surfaced for Bandai Namco Entertainment which points to what could potentially be a new IP.

The trademark filed in Europe brought attention to an allegedly new IP dubbed ‘Quartet Knights’. Currently, there is no word on what exactly it could be, but the trademark filing leads many to the obvious conclusion that we are looking at the first proof of an upcoming video game’s existence.

Popular consensus revolves around the idea that Quartet Knights is an upcoming RPG of some kind, possibly having to do with four characters (the dreaded Horsemen of the Apocalypse?) as the title would suggest. Beyond simple speculation, there is nothing concrete or proven about the internet rumblings currently filling forums.

No word on platforms or release, but it seems reasonable to expect it to appear on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Even the Nintendo Switch seems like a safe bet given Namco’s expanding support following their acknowledgement of the console’s immediate success and ongoing growth.

Chances are we will see an announcement in one form or another in the coming weeks, as the trend typically goes following outed trademark filings. We will be sure to keep you updated as that information drops.

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