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Capcom Announces Mega Man 11 During 30th Anniversary Stream, Coming Late 2018

If you were looking for a new Mega Man to come out of the Mega Man 30th Anniversary Stream, than you are in luck. Capcom has announced Mega Man 11, the next entry in the storied franchise. After many Mega Man X titles, Rock Man will make the leap to 11, in more ways than one. Mega Man 11 will be a 2.5D platformer and it looks to be shaping upĀ  nicely in the debut trailer above. Details are slim right now, but the overall style and gameplay holds a lot of promise for long-time fans.

Koji Oda has been announced as the director on Mega Man 11 and has an interesting history at Capcom. He has worked on several Resident Evil titles, most notably Resident Evil 0 and its subsequent remaster. However, there is another title that better qualifies him to handle Mega Man’s latest outing.

That game is Strider (2014). Upon release, the downloadable game was hailed as a great platformer and one that really brought the character back into the spotlight. It, too, was a 2.5D action title in the same vein as today’s announcement. So one might look to that title for a possible idea of what to expect from the next Mega Man iteration.

Mega Man 11 is set to release late 2018 forĀ Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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