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The Division Patch Update 1.8 Notes Detail A Lot Of New Features And Content Including New Area

The Division is still managing to get patch after patch and update after update and continuously improving. That doesn’t change with the latest 1.8 update which is dubbed ‘Resistance’ adds a lot of new features and fixes to the mix.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is getting a new area for players to roam around in and compete in a new mode. Skirmish where two teams of four (4) agents take on each other for kills, basically Team Deathmatch. The new area will also house new safe houses, new dynamic spawning system and much more. This coupled with the Rogue 2.0 overhaul for the Dark Zone will make a lot of players pop The Division back in their systems. Check out a few interesting patch notes below.

Patch Notes

New feature: West Side Pier

  • West Side Pier is a completely new area accessible for all agents where two new game modes take place: ‘Resistance’ and ‘Skirmish’. In the zones, the enemy factions are teaming up to take the fight to the Division agents.
  • The West Side Pier map stretches over two named zones: Piers North and Piers South.
  • A new safe house will be available named Camp Clinton. Camp Clinton will act as a new social hub, similar to the Terminal, for Update 1.8.
  • West Side Pier features a new dynamic spawning system for enemies, new special assignments, and daily assignments.
  • West Side Pier Commendations have been added.

New feature: Skirmish

  • In Skirmish, two teams of four agents compete against each other to get the highest number of kills before the timer expires. Teams earn points each time a downed enemy agent is eliminated.
  • Agents can start a Skirmish session from the Last Stand matchmaking gate in the Base of Operations or Camp Clinton.
  • PvP rank (previously called Last Stand rank) cap has been increased from 40 to 99. Last Stand and Skirmish both contribute to this progression.
  • New PvP rank rewards have been added, including Classified Caches.
  • Skirmish Commendations have been added.

New feature: Rogue 2.0

  • The Rogue system in the Dark Zone has been overhauled for Update 1.8.
  • To go Rogue, the agent needs to toggle their Rogue status before being able to do any damage to friendly agents. Any member of their group can choose to also go Rogue or to leave the group.
  • Manhunt levels and objectives have been added. Agents reaching Manhunt status will now have an objective to interact with, which will reward Manhunt Caches. Non-Rogue agents will see the general area of the Manhunt objective and will be rewarded for stopping the Manhunt agents.

More detailed patch notes are available at The Division Ubisoft Forums. The patch will be available tomorrow on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Followed by a free weekend for The Division on all platforms.

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