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Monster Hunter Stories Is Now Available For iOS & Android In Japan

Eyes may be on the upcoming Monster Hunter World that releases worldwide late next month, but we got the release of a new Monster Hunter game in the US back in September with Monster Hunter Stories. The game received mostly positive review, but for those that may have missed out on this 3DS exclusive, Monster Hunter Stories has also come to mobile platforms.

This news comes courtesy of the Capcom YouTube channel, which posted a trailer announcing that Monster Hunter Stories is not only coming to iOS and Android, but is currently available. However, this is currently only for Japan.

A Western release is always possible for Monster Hunter Stories on iOS and Android, but nothing has been announced as of yet. We never did get the Monster Hunter Stories amiibo in the US though, so it’s not a guarantee of any sort. Considering the 3DS version took nearly a year to come out in the West after the Japanese release, we may be in for a bit of a wait, though this game has always been localized obviously.

According to Gematsu, new version on mobile comes with high-resolution graphics, an optimized user interface, and the addition of auto-save. For those in Japan that want to try the game out, there is a demo available as well, which you can download right now.

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