WWE 2K18 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch On December 6th

WWE 2K18 released back in October to mixed reviews on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but the Nintendo Switch version was nowhere to be seen at that time. Previously announced as coming a bit later, we finally have a release date for WWE 2K18 on Nintendo Switch and it’s coming very, very soon.

Starting tomorrow, December 6th, WWE 2K18 will release for Nintendo Switch in both physical and digital forms. Like we saw on the other platforms, you can purchase the standard edition for $59.99, while there is also the Digital Deluxe Edition available for $89.99 as well.

If you pre-order the physical version for Nintendo Switch sometime today before it releases tomorrow, you will get the Kurt Angle pre-order pack here as well. Those who purchase the game digitally will not have to pre-order though, as you will get the Kurt Angle pack with purchase through December 13th on Nintendo Switch. The Digital Deluxe Edition is obviously exclusive to the eShop and comes with not just the Kurt Angle DLC, but the season pass and more.

For those looking to purchase the game digitally, the official website states that you must have a microSD with 32GB minimum free storage space to download the game, plus 1GB of storage space on the system itself. It sounds like this is just for the digital exclusive download, so we don’t know how much space may be required if you buy the physical cartridge. That is definitely something you may want to check the box for before purchasing in stores if you are going to go physical with WWE 2K18 when it releases starting tomorrow.

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