Firewall: Zero Hour

Firewall: Zero Hour Will Allow Cosmetic Customization And Many Different Loadout Options

Firewall: Zero Hour was just revealed a few short days ago at PlayStation Experience 2017 and fans are impressed by the experience, and rightfully so. The game is an intense shooter, that takes the tactical prowess of Rainbow Six and melds it with VR in an accessible shooter that players will be able to enjoy online and offline.

While speaking to Adam Orth, Creative Strategist over Firewall: Zero Hour, we learned that players will be able to customize a few aspects of the characters in the game. Granted they have their own personalities and playstyles, but players will be able to make them their own from loadout, to even cosmetic customization. He wasn’t able to go into detail about how deep, but it will be enough to make characters unique. Furthermore, the characters stats are able to progress as you play through the story and the online either solo or in four player co-op.

Firewall: Zero Hour is set to release exclusively for PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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