Wipeout VR

Wipeout VR Cranks Everything To Eleven

Wipeout is known for its fast-paced power-up based racing style that many have come to know and love. So the thought of playing it in VR has hearts pounding from anticipation. A word of warning for those looking to check out this virtual reality title, I was left feeling a bit woozy after my experience with the game. In Wipeout’s defense, it is only my second experience with the PSVR headset. I was warned that this may occur if you aren’t used to VR and it was dependant on the track. So, take that warning for what it is. Your mileage may vary.

From the moment you put on the headset, you are in the cockpit of your own racer. Looking around lets you see the inside for the first time in the series. The standard controls apply as you shoot along the track. At first, it can be a bit jarring as you bounce off the edges and shoot projectiles. After an adjustment period, you are able to appreciate how it transitions the classic, familiar gameplay to the driver seat. Much like my VR trip in Gran Turismo Sport, I revelled in the freedom to look around, taking in the surroundings of long-standing franchise with a new view.

Despite my short time with Wipeout VR, it was an intense and immersive experience. Wipeout fans will surely enjoy themselves and will be treated by visually stimulating gameplay. Assuming you don’t find yourself succumbing to VR sickness, you will have a hard time ever wanting to remove the headset and leave the racer.

Wipeout VR is set to release completely free in 2018.

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