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Shooty Fruity Review

VR shooters are definitely one of the most prominent genres for VR gaming, with them often not being the best when it comes to the limited PlayStation Move controllers. Two genres you might not have thought would go together are shooter and job simulator, but nDreams has found a way to mash them together in the juicy Shooty Fruity.

Shooty Fruity is definitely an interesting game, as it almost feels like it would have been a mini-game in Job SImulator that is paired with shooting mechanics. The premise is that you are working in the Super Megamart and have to complete different tasks in the game, with different ones showing up the further you get.

By going to the Locker inthe staff room in Shooty Fruity, you can select new shifts for you to pick up and play. More of these show up the deeper you get into the game, with 24 total to choose from in the game. When you pick each of these, you can train before hand with your chosen loadout, but then you are transported into the grocery store upon starting your shift.

The first one of these puts you behind the counter and you must check out a long line of items. This seems simple enough, but rogue fruit start to appear everywhere and take you down, so you have to alternate between scanning and killing each fruit.

Another of these puts you in the role of playing a cafeteria worker, with trays of different colors coming in front of you. Also in front of you are up to four different color boxes of food that you must match to the trays moving in front of you. At the start, each tray is just one color, but they start to become multi-sectional the more you play.

Each shift has three challenges for you to complete, each of which rewards you with a star. Some of these are pretty simply like earning a certain amount of juice in a shift, while others are a bit more specific like finishing the level with a certain level of health or earning a certain amount of juice within a short period of time. Earning stars also unlocks additional shifts and power ups, so you won’t have to finish perfect in every shift to advance to others, but you will need more the deeper you get into the game.

Shooty Fruity

Based on your loadout, different weapons will start to fly in front of you, with the stronger weapons appearing the more items you scan. The key here though will be to alternate between the key task in that mission and picking up weapons, as you can do things like scan items with both hands and hold guns and shoot with both hands. This is done pretty easily with the use of the PlayStation Move controllers, including being able to throw grenades once you unlock them as well. What is even cooler with the grenades is that if you have full hands and can’t remove the pin with your other hand, you can put the grenade up by your mouth and it pulls the pin for you.

With two Move controllers, you have control of both of your hands basically like we see in many PSVR games. You can grab weapons or groceries with the trigger button on the back, of which you can let go by pressing the Move button on the front. To fire the weapons, you just have to hit the trigger for that respective Move controller that is holding that weapon. This is very responsive and incredibly easy to learn.

One of the best aspects about Shooty Fruity is its simplicity with controls, with only a few buttons really mattering. We’ve already talked about the use of the trigger and Move buttons, and really the only other thing you will be using is either X or Circle on the Move controller, which will teleport you to the respective location when you are in the staff room area.

Shooty Fruity

In this area, you have a few different things that you can do besides starting a new shift. The most important of them is the vending machine that offers new weapon upgrades, which become more available the more you play. You earn juice by destroying the various fruit in-game, which you can then spend to buy better weapons to use against the fruit in the store.

When looking around the staff room area, you will also see two arcade cabinets, so you might assume the game has a few little mini-games for you to play. However, they are sadly just the leaderboards and options that you navigate through as if they were an arcade machine. This is kind of neat as a way to mix up something that’s usually basic, but it’s still a bit of a letdown once you realize what it is. You also have the staff noticeboard that you can look over that just shows you statistics of what you have done in the game.

Looking at the actual shooting mechanics in Shooty Fruity, they are sometimes pretty hit and miss. This also depends on the types of weapons that you are using and their range, but there were plenty of times where hits that were right on did nothing and hits that were off target destroyed a fruit. The weapons also have limited numbers of uses, which means you will have to figure out when is just the right time to drop what you have and pick up a new weapon.

On top of unlocking new weapons within a single shift by completing the assigned tasks, you will also gain access to the aforementioned power ups. These power ups will definitely be able to help you take down the hordes of different fruit, especially when they start coming in mass quantities.

Shooty Fruity

Shooty Fruity also offers an array of different fruits, each of which handles differently. Some are faster at getting to the counter while others may take their time but will hit you hard. The key is to make sure to not be overwhelmed by the fruit, which can get pretty difficult at times when they start coming out of the air vents and other close locations in the store, rather than moving up from the very back. It may start pretty easy with just the oranges and berries, but giant watermelons, bananas, and more are introduced as time goes on.

As far as VR shooters go, Shooty Fruity is definitely one of the more unique ones. Rather than just focusing on the shooting elements, it also has the store employee aspect as well, with you having to mix doing both. You probably will get tired of the repetition after awhile, but Shooty Fruity is at least worth a few fun gaming sessions.

If you have played Job Simulator and had a thought of what would it be like if renegade fruit started attacking while you did your tasks, Shooty Fruity might be right up your alley. As long as you go into Shooty Fruity with an open mind, you should have a pretty good time.

7.5 Juicy Fruits Out Of 10

Release Date: December 19th, 2017 (US)
Available Platforms: PS4 (Reviewed), PC
Publisher: nDreams
Developer: nDreams & Near Light

Disclosure: Shooty Fruity Was Provided By The Publisher For Coverage Purposes

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