Nintendo Files New Trademark For 1080° Ahead Of Rumored Nintendo Direct

We already told you yesterday about the rumored Nintendo Direct for this coming Thursday, November 11th, which we expect to be announced today if it is indeed happening based off previous Direct announcements. We have plenty of ideas about what we might expect, but now Nintendo has thrown us a curveball with the filing of a trademark for one of their franchises that debuted on the N64.

As pointed out by Pixelpar on Twitter, Nintendo has filed a new trademark for 1080° TenEighty, with the filing day being December 17, 2017. 1080° was a snowboarding series of games that initially released for the Nintendo 64 with 1080° Snowboarding, with the first entry later releasing on the Virtual Console as well.

This new filing brings up a few potential possibilities, which could or could not have anything to do with the upcoming Direct. The more disappointing of the bunch would be that Nintendo was just refiling the trademark to make sure they did not lose it, even if they had no plans to do anything with it.

Two other possibilities could involve a re-release of 1080° Snowboarding for N64, whether that would be on the Switch if it finally gets a Virtual Console or on the rumored N64 Classic. It could also be 1080° Avalanche for the GameCube if the Switch gets GameCube games.

The last option could be a brand new entry in the series coming to Switch, which would be great to see. However, at this point all we can do is wait and see what Nintendo has up their sleeves.


  1. I think most Nintendo fans would much prefer a new Wave Race. The last game on the GameCube wasn’t too good. It never happened on the Wii or Wii U, surely there’s one due on the Switch?

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