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Hyperkin Unveils New Backlit Rechargable Portable Game Boy System

After the immense success of both the NES Classic and SNES Classic, Nintendo fans have been speculating on what Nintendo may do next, whether it’s a N64 Classic or perhaps a Game Boy Classic. While we still have no clue on what Nintendo may do, Hyperkin is giving those hoping for a Game Boy Classic somewhat of a middle ground with their newly announced product.

Straight out of CES and courtesy of Gizmodo, Hyperkin has announced that they are working on their own remake of the original Game Boy system that they are referring to currently as the Ultra Game Boy, which comes with a few important upgrades. Unlike Nintendo’s recent Classic systems though, this will not come with any games inside of it, but rather require you to use your old cartridges. However, we are not sure if this means if it will be limited to just original Game Boy games or if it can handle Game Boy Color titles as well.

The system is made of aluminum for durability and still features the volume and contrast dials from the classic system, but the big feature here is that the Ultra Game Boy will include a backlit screen, the brightness of which can be controlled by a third dial.

Thankfully, the system also comes with built in rechargeable battery that is estimated to have 6 hours of battery life, which can be charged via USB-C. It also comes with stereo speakers and left and right audio out connections.

Hyperkin says their goal right now is to have the retail price come in at under $100, with an estimated release being sometime in late Summer.

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