PlayStation Has A “Different Vision” For Games As A Services Says New President & CEO

Former Sony Interactive Entertainment President & CEO Andrew House just stepped down from the position at the end of 2017, which was transitioned to new President and CEO John “Tsuyoshi” Kodera. Just a few days after taking over as the head of PlayStation, Kodera created a Twitter account to talk to the community and weighed in on a major issue affecting the gaming industry right now.

Kodera has not used newly created Twitter account too much so far, with a few retweets being about PlayStation related things like the upcoming God of War. He has also interacted with the community directly a few times by responding to tweets he received.

The one we are focused on right now came when a fan pleaded with Kodera to not go crazy with “Games as a Service” as plenty of PlayStation fans love single player experiences still above everything else, which prompted the following reply from Kodera.

“I will do my best to continue the excellent work done by Mr. @AndyHousePS . About the issue of “Games as a Service”, do not worry about it. @PlayStation‘s vision is totally different.”

This is all just speak for now, but hopefully Kodera will live up to his word and not go for the “Games as a Service” model that has become an issue in gaming as of recent. PlayStation has been one of the better companies at not doing this with great single player series like Uncharted, The Last of Us, and God of War, so hopefully this will continue to be the case moving forward, even under new leadership.

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