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New Monster Hunter: World Video Shows Off Nine Minutes Of PlayStation 4 Gameplay

Prepare to watch the brave hunter run, jump and crawl for over nine minutes in the latest Monster Hunter: World gameplay video. It showcases the Coral Highlands area and is running on PlayStation 4.

As the video progresses the hunter comes across a forest with giant bat-like creatures. They attempt to destroy one by subsequent attacking and sleep potions that cause it to fall asleep in a puff of green smoke and attack it while it is knocked out. It looks like many creatures, be it flying, or otherwise will require different strategies if hunters want to get the drop on them.

Later another creature swoops in to attack that very same monster and the two go at it. As the hunter watches and waits for their opening. It shows off how dynamic the living breathing world of Monster Hunter: World is.

Monster Hunter: World is set to release on January 26th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PC version is set to release at a later date.

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