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Super Meat Boy Review

There are some games out there that seem to get multiple releases that are spread over a number of years, with Super Meat Boy being a top example of this. After initially releasing as an exclusive for Xbox 360 and PC back in 2010, the game came to PlayStation platforms and the Wii U a couple years ago. With the sequel, Super Meat Boy Forever, on the horizon, Team Meat saw it important to bring the game to yet another platform as Super Meat Boy has now arrived to torture Nintendo Switch owners, but in a good way.

With its numerous releases the last eight years, it’s very likely you have played a bit of Super Meat Boy, or at least know a little about it at worst. This may keep many people away from the get go, but Super Meat Boy definitely has a lot of reasons for you to try it out on Nintendo Switch.

Just like Super Meat Boy in the past, the game on Nintendo Switch is one of the hardest games you’ll probably experience if you want to get a full 100% complete save file. The game starts off pretty simple, as you take control of Meat Boy as he travels through treacherous stages to reach Bandage Girl at the end. The first world isn’t all that hard, but the difficulty definitely starts to ramp up as you get deeper into the game.

Super Meat Boy

The controls in Super Meat Boy are very basic, but that is definitely a good thing in a game like this. The game uses these simplistic controls mixed with a very strong physic based engine to provide you with interesting level after level. The goal in each is to simply stay alive and make it to the end, with you getting an A+ rating if you beat it in a certain amount of time, thus unlocking the Dark World version of that stage.

Super Meat Boy introduces numerous new obstacles throughout the game that are trying to prevent you from rescuing Bandage Girl, such as saws, lasers, blowing fans, and even just general spiky areas that you cannot touch at all. To traverse these levels, you will be jumping over and under these obstacles, while often utilizing your ability to wall jump. Due to Meat Boy’s meaty exterior, he can stick to walls for short periods of time, allowing you to have more precise wall jumps that will be required to beat certain levels.

This becomes maybe even more important during the game’s boss battles at the end of each world as well. These boss battles are a highlight, as each one is very different. It may range from actually having to fight a guy to trying to escape to the top as the bottom of the screen is rising towards you with the boss.

Super Meat Boy

One of the only real issues that crops up here with the Nintendo Switch version though is more the fault of the controller than the game itself, but it does tarnish the overall experience a bit. That is the lack of a solid D-Pad to use on the Nintendo Switch, with the Pro Controller offering the best option, and even that is not the best out there. You definitely can play with what the Nintendo Switch version offers even on the go, but you may not feel like you have quite as much control as a result.

This may be a little disappointing, but it is more than made up for with the ability to take Super Meat Boy on the go with you. While this isn’t Super Meat Boy’s first go around in portable form, as it released prior on the PS Vita, this is the best of both worlds by offering a television and portable experience. One of my favorite things to do with this version was to just lay in bed playing in portable mode while I had something else playing on my television.

Super Meat Boy

The good news is that Super Meat Boy for Nintendo Switch still performs just as well as it always has in the past. You will not notice any real visual or performance differences from the previous releases, with no noticeable slowdown during the gameplay, which could be a game breaker in one like this.

Super Meat Boy may not seem like the longest of games at first, but the difficulty and extra levels will definitely extend the experience. In addition to six full worlds of levels, you will also unlock a special seventh world after the fact with a nice twist. However, you still have one extra Dark World level for each previous level that you can unlock as mentioned above by scoring an A+ on it.

The game also offers a few collectibles that will keep you going back. The first of these are bandages, with 20 found in each overall world between Light and Dark. By collecting these, you will unlock additional playable characters that each play quite differently. The other collectible is actually more than it seems, as you will find special warps in stages that lead to extra levels that offer some different takes on what you’re used to. Some of these employ a Game Boy style, while others look more like Game Boy Color, which can be very hard as well.

Super Meat Boy

While Super Meat Boy on Nintendo Switch is almost exactly the same as it is on other platforms, the game actually does add a brand new game mode that is perfect for the system. With Race Mode, you can do local splitscreen two player races with a friend. In this mode, you can race through not only the individual levels, but also the entire game as well. With being on the Switch, this can be done especially easy, with each person only needed one Joy-Con controller to play. This means you can take Super Meat Boy for Nintendo Switch on the go and do this with ease by just propping up the screen and detaching the two Joy-Cons.

Putting out a game in mostly the same form as in the past a number of years later can be a risky move, but Super Meat Boy manages to avoid that by adding in the racing mode. Whether you’ve played the series before or not, this version is definitely one worth taking a look at.

The Nintendo Switch has been the perfect landing spot for many indie games, and now Super Meat Boy has proven even older indie games have some life on the console as well. Coming with the new Race mode this time around, Super Meat Boy is yet another must own title for those looking for new games on the Nintendo Switch.

9.0 Meaty Kills Out Of 10

Release Date: January 11th, 2017 (US)
Available Platforms: Switch (Reviewed), PS4, PS Vita, PC, Xbox 360
Publisher: Team Meat
Developer: Team Meat

Disclosure: Super Meat Boy Was Provided By The Publisher For Coverage Purposes

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