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Utada Hikaru Returns For Kingdom Hearts 3 With “Don’t Think Twice” In Teaser Trailer

We were already pretty satisfied by the new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 at D23 Japan the other day, but they didn’t stop there at the event. This was also followed up by the surprise reveal of the theme song for Kingdom Hearts 3 by the returning Utada Hikaru.

In a video tease, we get about a minute and a half snippet of the new theme song for Kingdom Hearts 3 by Utada Hikaru titled “Don’t Think Twice.” This is even the English version of the song, with the Japanese version titled “Oath” also being released after the event.

Utada Hikaru is the one that previously brought us the fantastic “Simple and Clean” and “Sanctuary,” which have both received multiple renditions over the various games in the series. It wouldn’t feel right concluding the trilogy here without her providing a new song.

The video included isn’t just a teaser for the song though, as it also includes a little clip between Mickey and a new look Riku that takes place in the Realm of Darkness. I won’t spoil it for you, so make sure to watch it for yourself above, as it is definitely yet another nice tease into Kingdom Hearts 3, which is supposed to release sometime later this year.

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