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First Moments: Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors is one of the most prolific series of games between its mainline entries and numerous spinoffs from Koei Tecmo and Omega Force. The latest entry has arrived with Dynasty Warriors 9 and we captured our first moments with the game that includes a good bit of gameplay.

Dynasty Warriors 9 moves away from the strictly mission based approach of the past for an open world experience that has not been seen in the series to date. It doesn’t totally stick the landing in all areas, but it’s definitely where the future of the franchise should be heading.

In our first moments with the game, we dive right into the story of the game, followed by a good bit of action as we learn the upgraded combat system and take on a few missions. All of this in total added up to about 55 minutes, so there is plenty there for you to see if you are interested in the embedded first moments video above.

The move to an open world was a good next step for the Dynasty Warriors franchise with Dynasty Warriors 9, and you can check out our review for more details on what we thought about the game as a whole.

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