Review Policy

Review Policy

Geek Culture Podcast and our writers tend to receive product for review which we always approach in a non-bias manner. We do not profit from the sale of games, movies or products from its original distributor. After our reviewer has received a product and posted the review, it is theirs to keep and additional coverage is either discussed beforehand or as the writer sees fit. We approach every product differently as you can see below in our review scale. If we have received a product for the purpose of review we disclose it at the bottom of our reviews.

We adhere to all embargoes and limitations the publisher and provider of the review product has set forth. If we receive a product the day before an embargo or the day of release, we may hold out on the review to allow our reviewer to spend proper time with the product in order to fully comprehend the product they are reviewing.

Larger scale products, like MMO’s or hardware reviews require hands-on over time. This is when we will post a ‘Review In Progress’ notice next to review. These tend to have no score until the reviewer deems a score necessary and they believe they have experienced everything they need to with the product.

Sometimes publishers and companies will invite us out to review events for upcoming products and this in no way affects our view of the final product. This also goes for preview events & other industry related events.

Review Scale

We review on a 1-10 scale including half points (2.5,6.5 etc.) when we review entertainment items like video games or movies, dvd’s and tech products.

Our review score takes something relevant to the game/product and offers it up in an ‘out of 10’ manner.
This is to personalize each review and allow the writer to express their joy, or discontent with the product.
Prior to our score is our Verdict which attempts to summarize the review in a few short sentences for the reader.

To put it into perspective here is our scoring scale for entertainment products:

1-2: Horrible- Avoid this at all costs.
3-4: Poor- Sure it may not be worth it, but it has it’s moments
5-6: Average- That’s pretty much the gist of it. What you see is what you get.
7-8: Good- It has a few problems, but if you’re a fan you will enjoy it.
8.5-9.5: Top Quality- This is the stuff. People will be talking about this.
10: Perfection- This is a crowning achievement. Buy This Now.