NBA 2K18 Guide: How To Get A Fourth Practice Drill After Every Game

The MyCareer equivalent mode is typically one of the biggest attractions in any sports game and NBA 2K18 is no different, with it taking a bit of a different route[……]

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NBA 2K18 MyTeam

NBA 2K18 – How To Create A MyTeam

One of NBA 2K18’s best modes is the MyTeam mode that allows players to collect cards and trade, and create a fantasy team from the ground up. A few new[……]

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Xur In Destiny 2

Where In Destiny 2 Is Xur?

Xur, a man of many dealings. Self described entrepreneur, trader of exotic goods. One who can be extremely elusive to many Guardians having only visiting once a week. ┬áMany Guardians[……]

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NBA 2K18 Guide: How To Make A Face Scan

NBA 2K18 just released earlier yesterday for those that purchased the Early Tip-Off Edition, with it set to release officially starting next Tuesday, September 19. As we’ve seen in previous[……]

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Destiny 2 Guide Light Level

Destiny 2 Guide: Getting To Level 20 And Beyond

Destiny 2 is finally in the hands of fans and everyone is rushing to push their Guardian to the level cap. As of now, it has the soft cap of[……]

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Destiny 2 Guide Subclass

Destiny 2 Guide: Unlocking Your First Subclass

Each Guardian in Destiny 2 this time around starts out with a set subclass (one of the new three to promote usage). Subclasses are not unlocked as part of the[……]

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Destiny 2 Guide: How To Access The Crucible

Destiny 2 has a lot to offer players regardless of their previous involvement with the first installment. Whether you have been drawn in by the revamped single player campaign or[……]

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Call Of Duty: WWII Division Guide

In Call Of Duty: WW II each Division is sort of like Infinite Warfare’s alliances, when you choose who you are going to side with to earn points to level[……]

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Agents Of Mayhem

Agents Of Mayhem Guide: How To Survive Super Agent And Higher Difficulties

Agents Of Mayhem has fifteen different difficulties and some players might find that intimidating, but we are here to give you some tips on how to take on Super Agent[……]

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Agents Of Mayhem Guide

Agents Of Mayhem Guide: How To Utilize Status Effects

Agents Of Mayhem has a lot of moving parts embedded in the game’s mechanics, which can make for a dizzying beginning as you try to get your bearings. If you[……]

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