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Welcome to our Destiny 2 Hub. You will find everything we have posted about Destiny 2 here. News, guides, previews, rumors. What have you. This is constantly updated. So keep an eye out.

Post Release

Bungie Announces Upcoming Events And Changes Coming To Destiny 2 in 2018

Destiny 2’s The Dawning Holiday Event Kicks Off Today

Destiny 2 Welcomes New Guardians With a Free Trial

Destiny 2 Experience Gain Has Been Retooled

Destiny 2 Is Getting A 4K HDR Patch Update For Xbox One X Next Month

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris DLC Expansion Coming December 5th

Destiny 2 PC Updates and DLC Will Arrive Simultaneously With Consoles

Destiny 2 PC Launch Trailer Is Here One Week Ahead Of Release

Destiny 2’s Iron Banner Kicks Off Tomorrow With New PvP Map

Latest Destiny 2 Hotfix Fixes Raid Bugs And Matchmaking Crashes

Destiny 2 Review

Where In Destiny 2 Is Xur?

Destiny 2 Activities And Events In September

Destiny 2 – Expansion I: Curse of Osiris Details Outed By Xbox Store

Destiny 2 Guide: Getting To Level 20 And Beyond

Destiny 2 Guide – How To Access The Crucible

Destiny 2 Guide – Unlocking Your First Subclass


Destiny 2 – All Character Creation Options

Destiny 2 Closed Beta – Inverted Spire Full Strike Video

Destiny 2 Beta – Titan Story Playthrough

Destiny 2 Closed Beta Hands-On Preview Impressions

Pre-Release Content

Destiny 2 HDR Support Coming to PS4 After Launch, Xbox One Still Unconfirmed

Destiny 2 Launch Trailer Paints A Cinematic Picture Of The Future

Destiny 2 PC Open Beta Trailer Released, Advertises 4K And Uncapped Framerate

Destiny 2 Pre-Loading Coming First To Xbox One Consoles

Destiny 2 On PC Includes In-Game FPS Counter, Frame Rate Cap Adjusted Through Config File

Destiny 2 On PC Restricts Certain Game Capture, Voice Chat & Framerate Monitoring Programs

Destiny 2 PC Beta Dates Announced, Shorter Than Consoles

Destiny 2 Sales Forecast Sees PC Leading All Three Platforms

Destiny 2 Beta Size Is Pretty Light, Expect A Sizable Patch

Destiny 2 Open Beta Coming July 21st, Start Times Revealed

Destiny 2 To Run At 30 FPS On Xbox One X

Bungie to Show Off Another Destiny 2 Subclass At E3