Call Of Duty WWII

Call Of Duty: WWII Review

Call Of Duty has been a repetitive beast over the past few years, starting with what was arguably the last great entry in the series, Black Ops 3. Two years[……]

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Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 Xbox One X Enhancements Arrive Today, New Screenshots Released

Tripwire Interactive’s cooperative Zed-filled shooter, Killing Floor 2, is receiving its Xbox One X enhancement update today. The update brings “increased resolution, increased performance, high resolution textures, shadow maps, and[……]

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Xbox One Game Gifting Is Now Live For Everybody

Digital game gifting is a feature you would think all online game stores would have by now, but they are still very few and far between. We reported recently that[……]

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New Xbox One Avatars Have Likely Been Delayed Till 2018

The Nintendo Miis really started the whole idea of individual avatars for players, which Microsoft tried their own spin at with the Xbox 360 avatars back in 2008. The avatars[……]

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Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II EA Access Trial Now Available

Players can now hop into the action of Star Wars Battlefront II with a subscription to EA Access. The game is now available for download on Xbox One and has[……]

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Destiny 2 Is Getting A 4K HDR Patch Update For Xbox One X Next Month

The Xbox One X just released earlier this week and with that launch came many game patches adding 4K and/or HDR support for games to take advantage of the higher[……]

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Assassin's Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins Review

It’s amazing what a little time off can do. Occasionally, we need to take a moment for ourselves before returning refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges. That’s the case[……]

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Xbox One X

Unboxed: Xbox One X

A console launch is a special event, be it a re-iteration or a slimmer model or a brand new console. The Xbox One X’s launch is no different. Touted as[……]

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NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 Patch Update 1.05 Now Available, Adds 4K 60FPS for Xbox One X

NBA 2K18 continues to see improvements added and just a few days from release of the Xbox One X, the game has received a significant update to certain gameplay aspects,[……]

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13 Original Xbox Games Will Be Playable On Xbox One Tomorrow

The Xbox One will soon be compatible with a bundle of nostalgia-filled original Xbox titles. Microsoft has released a list of thirteen Xbox titles that will be playable on Xbox[……]

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